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Sagging Skin

Sagging skin occurs all over the body, but what we hear about most is the neck and jowls. In most cases, sagging skin in the neck and face results from the natural aging process, which includes atrophy of the fat in the cheeks. This leaves the skin with nowhere to go but down.

Sometimes, patients can be treated with laser, fillers and other non-invasive approaches. In other cases, it may come to the attention our expert surgeons for a more in-depth correction. Dr. Thomas or Dr. Jeffries may recommend that the skin be repositioned with the addition of filler or your own fat to augment the beautiful appearance of a youthful face.

A full consultation usually lasts an hour or more, during which time our surgeons discuss the potential treatment for sagging skin and often the minimalist steps that can be taken before arriving at a full face or neck lift. If it is time to take that next step, we hope that you will trust in our surgical artistry often delivered in the comfort and privacy of our state of the art office in Copper Ridge. Many facial procedures can be performed with local or IV sedative anesthesia and do not require a hospital stay or prolonged recovery time. Please let us explain how we have innovated in this field and brought new techniques to Traverse City in Northern Michigan. Click here to return to the Sagging Skin page.