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Sagging Skin

Sagging skin occurs all over the body, but what we hear about most is the neck and jowls. In most cases, sagging skin in the neck and face results from the natural aging process, which includes atrophy of the fat in the cheeks. Sometimes, patients can be treated with laser, fillers and other non-invasive approaches. In other cases, it may come to the attention our expert surgeons for a more in-depth correction. Click here to learn more.


Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care Treatments

“The Center for Plastic Surgery & Skin Care is staffed with talented and supportive doctors and staff. Results from my procedures have always met or exceeded my expectations. Amanda is a fantastic skin care professional who gives a fantastic facial as well as the more intense microdermabrasion. I trust her completely! Dr. Thomas has infinite patience and outcomes that are better than some surgeons in Aspen and Beverly Hills! I highly recommend this practice to anyone who is looking for high technical and aesthetic standards and great people skills.”

– Laurie

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