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A facelift smoothes loose skin on your face and neck, tightens underlying tissue and removes excess fat. There are many variations to the facelift procedure and the placement of incisions. The goal of every facelift technique is to keep the incisions hidden as much as possible; following surgery, scars will be concealed by your hair or with makeup.



Eye bags, sagging facial and/or neck skin.


Gain a more youthful contour to your face, erasing years from your appearance.


Full facelift, mini facelift, lunchtime lift, thread lift, light lift, etc. The list goes on and on for different terms that individual physicians and the lay press will use to describe surgical rejuvenation of the face. All these terms make our heads spin, too. The days of the old ‘skin tightening’ procedure that made some comedians look like the Joker character on the Batman series is, thankfully, over. Facelift procedures address sagging, not wrinkles. Current lifting procedures done on the face have two things in common:

  • They fight the downward migration of the facial soft tissues that results over time
  • These procedures are most effectively done in the tissues under the skin

It doesn’t make sense to pull just on the skin to make the face look younger. The skin, everywhere on our body, has the ability to grow when under tension. Think about the skin of the abdomen over a growing pregnancy. If one pulls only on the skin, it will quickly grow to relieve the tension. It is the soft tissues that are under the skin (called the SMAS layer) that falls until it hits the ‘weld line’ between our skin and muscles at the juncture of the nose and mouth and the jaw line. That’s why we get the characteristic grooves along our mouth, marionette lines and the jowl. Any modern facelift is designed to address this descent and re-suspend that sagging SMAS layer back up to solid bony structures. When done correctly, it results in a youthful and refined – but not overdone – appearance. These procedures are modified to fit each individual’s specific situation, since no two of us are the same. Facelifts are done both in the office and in the surgical center, depending on the anesthetic requirements. These procedures should result in an immediate, natural and youthful appearance, with minimal down time.

This information is for educational purposes only and not intended to render medical advice.

For more information please visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website.





Patient Reviews

“There has never been a single event or person, which has created such a height of daily happiness in my life until my beautiful facelift.  Every day when I look into the mirror, I like what I see.  I like what I see very much!  I have always lived life to the fullest and felt very vibrant, but since the facelift and the excellent results – I feel on top of the world! I feel more alive and more buoyant than ever!  Good job, Dr. Jeffries!  Thank you for your guidance and professionalism every step of the way.  You are indeed the best!”


“When you walk into The Center you are greeted with warmth and the whole staff is so cohesive. With Dr. Thomas you feel like you’re with a good friend and that he is always doing the best for you. I loved my time with him and never felt like he was checking his watch—I’m not even sure he wears one! He was so thorough in answering all my questions and making sure I felt completely comfortable. In the end I never believed I could look the way I do now. Even three years after my procedure I still look in the mirror and do a double take. Dr. Thomas is such an artist!”

– Marilyn

“I wanted my wrinkles gone but I didn’t want it to change my looks and that is exactly what I got. Now I like the way I look when I get up in the morning. I’m a very active person and I really take care of myself. Now I feel like I look as young as I feel—it has taken ten years off my looks! I have total confidence in Dr. Thomas and really trust him because he listens to what you want, gives you guidance and treats you so well. I feel very at home with him and it’s almost like talking to a really good friend because he makes you feel so at ease. I actually find everybody at The Center very comfortable to talk to. Karen is very personable and their aestheticians have been great in helping me with my makeup. I would recommend them to my closest friends.”

– Cyndi

“The Center for Plastic Surgery & Skin Care is staffed with talented and supportive doctors and staff. I have used them for a major cosmetic surgery and for skin care treatments . Results from these procedures have always met or exceeded my expectations. Amanda is a fantastic skin care professional who gives a fantastic facial as well as the more intense microdermabrasion. I trust her completely! Dr. Thomas has infinite patience and outcomes that are better than some surgeons in Aspen and Beverly Hills! I highly recommend this practice to anyone who is looking for high technical and aesthetic standards and great people skills!”

– Laurie