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Centered on you

Our experience in plastic surgery and advanced skin care sets us apart and adds a high level of trust for patients. Everything we do is under the direction of Board Certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Christopher Jeffries and Dr. Trevor O’Brien and Board Eligible plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Burke, nurses, PAs and licensed professionals. Together, as we develop your care plan, we’ll educate you on the options available to meet your personal goals. We’re a talented, trained team, with you at The Center.


We offer the latest in plastic surgery procedures and treatments to restore your confidence and let your true beauty shine. Dr. Thomas, Dr. Jeffries and our skilled team of clinical professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve your beauty goals and making your experience with cosmetic, reconstructive or corrective surgery the best it can be.


Your skin speaks volumes about your health and vitality. To refresh and restore confidence and a youthful glow, we offer a full menu of advanced aesthetic skin care services, backed by our Board Certified plastic surgeons. From skin care products and facials to injections and laser treatments, our skin care experts will tailor a treatment plan to enhance your natural beauty.

What's your Center of Concern?

Unwanted Fat

Get the latest in minimally invasive, effective fat treatments.

Unwanted Hair

Dramatically reduce hair growth with laser treatment.

Eye Bags

Discover how to rid yourself of those dark circles and bags.


Put a finish to those fine lines with a variety of skin care options.

Sun Damage

Reverse the signs of sun damage with our laser and peel treatments.


Reduce redness with our aesthetic skin care options.

Sagging Skin

Learn how our surgeons can address your loose skin.

Skin Cancer

We can safely treat and repair areas with skin cancer.

Acne Scars

Put those reminders of your acne days behind you.

Breast Cancer

You can trust us on your road to recovery after breast cancer.

Unwanted Scars

Gain confidence by diminishing the appearance of scarring.

Urinary Incontinence

Live without fear of an accident with our diVa laser.

Skin Care Products

Your Surgeons

Christopher C. Jeffries, MD, FACS

Trevor K. O’Brien, MD

"I have total confidence in the surgeons at The Center. I trust them because they take the time to really listen to what I want."