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Breast Reconstruction

Women who have undergone a mastectomy because of cancer or a pre-cancerous condition may wish to consider breast reconstruction. Most mastectomy patients may undergo reconstruction even if further treatment is needed, like radiation or chemotherapy.

Breast Reconstruction


Breast cancer surgery


Bring back confidence and restore your womanly shape during your road to recovery.


Among Michigan women, breast cancer is the most common newly diagnosed cancer. While everyone is aware of the increasingly common diagnosis, that familiarity does not provide much consolation when it affects a family member or loved one. At The Center, we keep this in mind when consulting with patients from around all of Northern Michigan. It is our passion to tailor reconstructive techniques to patients with breast cancer so as to achieve absolutely optimal aesthetic outcomes in the face of an otherwise frustrating and confusing time. Reconstruction is a process that often takes many visits. As such, we have come to meet so many of our good friends in the practice through the unfortunate and sudden diagnosis of breast cancer. Many say that when all is said and done, the breast reconstruction is what gave them hope and provided a distraction from the difficulties and uncertainties of cancer. We are proud to be involved in the care of these courageous women.

By using a number of different techniques, Dr. Thomas and Dr. Jeffries can create a breast that is similar to the shape, size and feel of the breast that was removed. Often, when possible, the doctors will recommend using a woman’s own tissues for reconstruction. Women can consider two options: immediate breast reconstruction, which is done at the time of the mastectomy; or delayed breast reconstruction, which is performed after the patient has healed from the mastectomy. Immediate reconstruction offers some benefits, such as preserving a greater amount of skin, reducing scarring, and dealing with only one recovery process.

Our patients report that breast reconstruction enhances their appearance, contributes to their quality of life and creates symmetry in the body. The procedure is performed at the hospital or surgical center and may require an overnight stay. Most women report manageable or minimal pain. Women who have this procedure can typically return to their normal activity levels two+ weeks after surgery, but the complete reconstructive process can take time and will be throughly explained at consultation. Each insurance company has different criteria to be met for insurance coverage, which can be investigated at the time of a consult.

This information is for educational purposes only and not intended to render medical advice.

For more information please visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website.

A Note from Dr. Jeffries on Breast Implants in the News





Patient Reviews

At 21 years old, undergoing a bilateral mastectomy was something I could barely wrap my head around. Upon meeting Dr. Thomas, every ounce of fear, anxiety, uncertainty and doubt instantly vanished. Dr. Thomas talked to me like I was a friend, not just a patient. No question was left unanswered and I felt overwhelmingly confident in my procedure. Throughout my entire journey Dr. Thomas, as well as the entire staff, have gone above and beyond to ensure my comfort, health and happiness. His incredible attention to detail and desire for perfection are traits that move Dr. Thomas to the top of his profession. The results from my surgery exceeded my expectations. I cannot thank Dr. Thomas enough.”

– Madison

“Dr. Thomas and his staff were like angels to me, making me feel beautiful every time I visited the office to plan for my reconstruction following the mastectomy. Dr. Thomas was the best part of the medical process – I have total trust in him.”

– Renae

“I think that if you didn’t grow up in Traverse City and are a transplant like me, you don’t always think that you can get the same type of outcome and care as with other big hospitals. I want people to know that we have something even better than that here – Dr. Thomas and The Center. Dr. Thomas has always made me feel like I was his only patient. After my bilateral mastectomy, he came to visit me on his day off. Then, after my surgery, I could wear a two-piece bathing suit and no one would know! It was awesome and he did a great job.”

– Shanna

“It makes me want to cry because of what Dr. Thomas and the other people at The Center did for me. After going two years without a breast it felt spectacular to have my womanliness back and to feel like I was whole again was amazing. It was wonderful to have Dr. Thomas take care of me because he is such a real person. It felt good to know that he wanted me to be comfortable from start to finish and he always made me feel at ease. Every time I met with him I felt like he was paying attention to every word I said and never rushed me. For someone like me going through that kind of emotional physical change, you just need that extra thoughtfulness and kindness that Dr. Thomas gives you. There should be more people in the world like Dr. Thomas, not just more doctors, but more people.”

– Toni

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