Upper Body Lift

Often following massive weight loss, skin hangs off the body. A typical location for excess skin is in the armpit area. This can be very annoying, particularly for people who are active with their arms during work or recreation. This skin can be difficult to keep dry in the summer months and, for women, awkward to fit into bras. Often this excess skin blends into the upper arm, the back, or side of the breast.

breast (6)An Upper Body Lift removes excess skin and tightens the chest, resulting in a single scar extending around the trunk. This procedure can be safely combined with a breast lift and/or arm lift in a single operation to improve the look of the upper body. An Upper Body Lift is performed at one of our accredited operative facilities, either as an outpatient or with a one-night stay, depending on each individual’s needs. Recovery is typically rapid, but with limitations on lifting and reaching. Return to work and normal activity is typically 2-3 weeks.

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