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Dear valued patient,

During this management period associated with coronavirus COVID-19, with the goal of taking excellent and timely care of patients and yet being responsible healthcare providers, The Center has decided to take the following steps:

  • We will continue to see scheduled, emergent and urgent appointments at this time between the hours of 8:30 AM and 12:00 PM Monday through Friday.
  • We are aware of all appointments on the schedule and are rescheduling all non-emergent appointments. PLEASE NOTE: our appointment confirmation software may still send confirmations for appointments that we are working to reschedule.
  • Those patients that we take care of in the office will be screened and any patients with health concerns that may be attributable to coronavirus COVID-19 will be referred to the appropriate organization for testing.
  • Any patients desiring to be rescheduled can be rescheduled in the future with accommodations made for a timely return to the office.
  • We ask that our patients avoid bringing children and only have one other adult accompany them to help comply with social distancing recommendations.
  • We still have product purchasing available which can be mailed to you or picked up via drive-thru service between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM Monday – Friday.

It is of utmost importance to safely take care of our patients and manage our staff. All of our professional staff has been well-versed about the signs, symptoms, and routing of patients we feel may be at risk of having a coronavirus infection. There are outside restrictions on our surgical schedules by both the Copper Ridge Surgery Center, Munson Medical Center, and McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital that profoundly affect our ability to schedule elective surgeries at this time. If you wish to reschedule at this time we fully understand and whole-heartedly support you. We will assist you with rescheduling and help make certain to limit any financial hardships. We will keep you informed with any updates regarding healthcare facilities and their status. Please bear with us as we navigate this situation with you.

The Center for Plastic Surgery of Northern Michigan.


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