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Skin Cancer

Skin cancer affects many people in Northern Michigan. Lighter skinned individuals who have extensive sun exposure are at high risk for this type of cancer, and in some cases, a genetic component can also contribute. The current treatment of choice for skin cancers involves close monitoring by your general practitioner or dermato-logist. Eventually, if a skin cancer is diagnosed, you may be referred for definitive management of the condition. Click here to learn more.


Skin Cancer Removal

“My husband is a physician and calls Dr. Thomas an RD—a real doctor. I think it’s because we have always felt like Dr. Thomas is so careful and gets the full picture before he makes any decisions or suggestions. I think the bottom line is that he genuinely cares about his patients. And he’s so good at what he does! He was very careful and my incision blended right in—you wouldn’t even know that it was there.”

– Margaret