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A Note from Dr. Thomas

What is in your toolbox?

You wouldn’t hire a carpenter whose only tool was a hammer. How about a plumber with only one wrench? Their effectiveness would be severely hampered by the lack of appropriate tools. So why would you go to a physician who only does Botox or fillers?

The methods for creating a more youthful appearance 25 years ago essentially centered around facelifts and chemical peels. The ‘toolbox’ back then was pretty sparse. With the explosion of techniques and materials currently available for facial rejuvenation, to be effective, one has to be able to utilize all of the ‘tools’ expertly.

Wrinkles are effectively superficial problems and the majority of the market in cosmetic surgery is focused on this. We fill (fillers like Juvéderm, Restylane, Radiesse, etc.), sand (lasers, peels and dermabrasion) and shine (Forever Young BBL, Halo) in an effort to eradicate these marks in our skin that often come with abuses like the sun and age.

Sagging is typically a surgical problem. We spend nearly 70% of our life vertical with gravity pulling downward on our facial structures (along with other things!). Surgical procedures undo this vertical slide, but not typically at only the skin level. There are many forms of a face lift that are utilized to address specific areas. Is the neck heavy? Maybe a lower facelift or neck lift. Is it just now noticeable? Short scar or limited face lifts are effective and offer an easy recovery. In each of these procedure, a proficient plastic surgeon, addresses not only the skin, but the actual soft tissues beneath the skin, which are the actual culprits sliding down your face.

You can imagine that some people want or need to concentrate on wrinkles, some on sagging and some on both. You wouldn’t want a surgeon that ‘only’ does face lifts, or physician that ‘only’ does fillers. You would need a specialist who is an expert in all facets to give the best answer for your concerns, and not someone that sells you ‘what I do’. I recommend finding a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is competent in all cosmetic procedures. Find someone with a really big toolbox!


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