Skin Cancer Removal

Identifying the presence and type of skin cancer is the first step in getting it under control. We recommend that most skin cancers be surgically removed. Making sure that all of the skin cancer is removed is of utmost importance.

face (5)Drs. Thomas and Jeffries can remove small cancers relatively quickly in his office or surgical center, using local anesthesia. For larger cancers, or if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, major surgery may be necessary. Restoring normal function and appearance are the main goals of plastic surgery for skin cancer.

Plastic surgeons are also instrumental in closing wounds created by other physicians, typically by the Moh’s technique. Drs. Thomas and Jeffries take pride in restoring a patients appearance after such procedures and use a variety of complex flaps and grafts to do so.

This information is for educational purposes only and not intended to render medical advice.

For more information please visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website.