At 21 years old, undergoing a bilateral mastectomy was something I could barely wrap my head around. Upon meeting Dr. Thomas, every ounce of fear, anxiety, uncertainty and doubt instantly vanished. Dr. Thomas talked to me like I was a friend, not just a patient. No question was left unanswered and I felt overwhelmingly confident in my procedure. Throughout my entire journey Dr. Thomas, as well as the entire staff, have gone above and beyond to ensure my comfort, health and happiness. His incredible attention to detail and desire for perfection are traits that move Dr. Thomas to the top of his profession. The results from my surgery exceeded my expectations. I cannot thank Dr. Thomas enough.”

Madison, Breast Reconstruction Patient — Read my story

“I was referred to The Center for Plastic Surgery and met with Dr. Jeffries and his wonderful staff. They instantly made me feel comfortable by listening and answering all of my questions. Dr. Jeffries walked me through all of my options and helped me decide what the best option was for my situation. Any reservations I had disappeared before I even left the office. He truly has your best interest at heart! I knew that the surgery would change my life, but I didn’t realize how much. I went from a size 14 pant to a size 8! I don’t have the back and shoulder pain I used to have. My self-confidence has really gone through the roof. I can actually look at myself in the mirror and like the person looking back at me. This alone has made it all worth it. Dr. Jeffries has helped change my life! I would recommend him to anyone wanting to make a difference in their life!

Lori, Bilateral Breast Reduction and Abdominoplasty

“I automatically felt comfortable with Dr. Thomas because he listened to me. He never tried to talk me in or out of a procedure but simply gave me his professional advice. I always leave there knowing that everyone there has really listened to me and understood my goals. As a nurse, I had lots of questions before my procedures and he was so patient in answering all of them. The aftercare I received was phenomenal and even though I don’t need to have my procedures again I would do it all over again because the experience was so great. Dr. Thomas and everyone there is really committed to making every experience you have at The Center positive.”

Pam, Breast reduction & lift, Abdominoplasty, Skin Care

“My abdominoplasty with Dr. Jeffries and his staff was a very comfortable experience and the benefits of this surgery have far exceeded my expectations. I can now feel my stomach muscle when exercising to ensure that I am doing my ab work properly. Also, I think this procedure has helped to keep my bladder in position. I no longer have the trouble of continence when coughing, sneezing or jumping. My physical appearance, of course, is the ultimate satisfaction. I would recommend Dr. Jeffries and the Center for Plastic Surgery hands down to other women.”

Kelly, Abdominoplasty patient

“Dr. Thomas is so down to earth and very professional. I really felt like he got to know me as a person and understood what I was looking for before he even talked about helping me with a procedure. The improvement I’ve seen is fantastic and I’m so happy with the work he’s done for me. It was so worth all the time and effort. You can really tell too, that Dr. Thomas has worked hard to make sure his clients have a good experience at The Center and the rest of the staff is amazing. You never feel like you’re in a doctor’s office there—it’s more like a spa!”

Steve, Abdominal Scar revision, Skin Care, Liposuction

“Upon receiving my breast cancer diagnosis, I knew I needed a breast reconstructive plastic surgeon/doctor who would not only be skilled, but who I could trust. During my first visit with Dr. Jeffries and his staff, I knew that they were going to be a great fit for me! Dr. Jeffies made me feel super comfortable with what could have been a very tense and scary situation. They were so compassionate and caring—I felt as though I was welcomed as family. Dr. Jeffries always listened to my concerns and never made my husband feel or me like our questions were silly. He is a perfectionist and it truly shows in his work.”

Kathy, Breast Cancer Survivor

“Dr. Thomas and his staff were like angels to me, making me feel beautiful every time I visited the office to plan for my reconstruction following the mastectomy. Dr. Thomas was the best part of the medical process – I have total trust in him.”

Renae, Breast Cancer Survivor

“I chose The Center for Plastic Surgery because I knew of Dr. Thomas and his reputation for being the best in northern Michigan. When I met Dr. Jeffries, I was very impressed with his ability to explain everything in a way I was comfortable with; he answered all my questions and was very meticulous. I felt confident that he was a ‘state-of-the-art’ surgeon, and I couldn’t be happier with my results.”

“I was also very impressed with the way the office is run; even though they don’t participate with my insurance company, they worked very hard to navigate through the paperwork and to obtain cooperation. Everyone was so well informed, knowledgeable and helpful; they really put my mind at ease.”

Jill, Hernia Repair and Tummy Tuck

“When my son required plastic surgery for a birthmark, my family physician recommended Dr. Thomas. Not only was he great in allaying my fears, he was gentle and funny with my son. He explained everything in a way that an 8-year-old could understand, and the outcome was excellent. Dr. Thomas just has a way about him that isn’t stuffy, or conceited – you can tell he has your best interest at heart.”

Karen, Mother of Patient

“This was the first time I’d ever had surgery but I couldn’t have felt more comfortable with Dr. Jeffries. The whole procedure was very professional and Dr. Jeffries was so helpful and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and I really felt like he wanted to do the best thing for me. This was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and afterwards I thought, Wow! Why didn’t I do this before? Besides having no more neck or back pain I had the total extra bonus of looking and feeling better in my clothes. All of the staff at the Center really helped me feel comfortable and also worked with my insurance and made sure I could afford it.”

Susanne, Breast Reduction

“I have the utmost respect for Dr. Thomas and the staff at The Center because they recognize and take care of the whole person. They do exterior work but what that does for the person, for the soul—they understand that. Having surgery is such an emotional decision and Dr. Thomas has a way of being completely honest and disarming that leaves you feeling comfortable about your decision. He is friendly and compassionate, very sensitive, professional and discreet. He is truly all about making you feel better about yourself. I have unconditional trust for him. ”

Lisa, Bariatric Patient

“When you walk into The Center you are greeted with warmth and the whole staff is so cohesive. With Dr. Thomas you feel like you’re with a good friend and that he is always doing the best for you. I loved my time with him and never felt like he was checking his watch—I’m not eve sure he wears one! He was so thorough in answering all my questions and making sure I felt completely comfortable. In the end I never believed I could look the way I do now. Even three years after my procedure I still look in the mirror and do a double take. Dr. Thomas is such an artist!”

Marilyn, Bariatric Patient–Face Lift, Tummy Tuck

“I have worked as a nurse for 17 years with lots of surgeons and Dr. Thomas is the most kind-hearted and caring surgeon I know. He has an amazing bedside manner and took care of me in all ways and really cared about my outcome. A lot of times other surgeons are in a hurry or you feel like a number to them but Dr. Thomas’ care and concern really made a difference to me. I was facing cancer on my face and he gave me confidence that my appearance would return and he was more than right. I feel there is no situation he could be in where he couldn’t come up with a way to make a person look and feel perfect. We are lucky to have Dr. Thomas as a surgeon in our community.”

“The rest of the staff at The Center is also amazing. They were all so compassionate and I knew that they understood what I was going through. They treated me with dignity and respect.”

Lisa, Operating Room Nurse and Cancer Survivor

“I saw Dr. Thomas on recommendation from my oncologist and now I know that if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have had the experience I did. After I had my mastectomy I didn’t want to think about my next surgery but when I went to see the staff at The Center I felt so much more positive and like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. They all made me feel so reassured and they really know their surgeries. Dr. Thomas is very personable and extremely caring—he is nothing but wonderful. I always felt like I was in the best of hands and felt reassured that everything would be wonderful, and it was. My experience with the whole staff has been fantastic.”

Julie, Breast Cancer Survivor

“I’ve worked at the hospital for 18 years and had seen Dr. Thomas take care of his patients. He always put them first and would come in on his days off to check on them. The combination of his experience and skills and his genuine care for people made it so easy to choose him for my surgery. I know he is honest and would never do anything if he didn’t think it was 100% right for the patient. He gives people realistic expectations and I truly believe that he is not just concerned with how someone looks but how they feel in the end. Personally he made me feel very comfortable. Having plastic surgery usually means bringing attention to the one part of your body you don’t like and Dr. Thomas made me feel completely at ease. I was always self-conscious about my appearance and was teased about my nose my whole life. Having this procedure changed everything about how I felt about myself and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. ”

Leslie, Rhinoplasty and Botox Treatments

“My family had a previous experience at The Center when my son had surgery for his keloid scars so we already knew that we loved the staff there. I knew that I didn’t want to have my procedure done by anyone but Dr. Thomas because I had such a high level of trust for him—not just in his skills as a surgeon but also for the process of healing that comes after surgery. I felt that Dr. Thomas did a very good job of understanding my situation and goals. He treated me like an individual and I never felt like he was rushing to get to another patient. He was realistic about my results and I always felt like he wanted to do the best thing for me.”

“Everyone at The Center is great. I was extra nervous going in but they all made me feel like they were just glad to help. They were supportive and understanding and I can’t say enough about how friendly and personable they were. They’ve got just the right blend of professionalism and personal attention. I wouldn’t have considered having my surgery done anywhere else.”

Laura, Tummy Tuck

“Everyone at The Center is so personable and friendly. They all work together like a family and it makes you feel instantly at ease when you go in there. I really felt like they took my concerns seriously and I could tell they knew it was important to me. You can tell that Dr. Thomas has worked hard to create a great environment for the staff.”

“Dr. Thomas has a genuine heart of gold and is really concerned about people. He is warm and friendly, very down to earth and completely professional. He went above and beyond to take care of me including coming to check on me during the weekend. He made me feel completely safe and I knew that I was in good hands. ”

Cheri, Eyebrow Lift

“I think that if you didn’t grow up in Traverse City and are a transplant like me, you don’t always think that you can get the same type of outcome and care as other big hospitals. I want people to know that we have something even better than that here – Dr. Thomas and The Center. Dr. Thomas has always made me feel like I was his only patient. After my bilateral mastectomy, he came to visit me on his day off. Then, after my surgery, I could wear a two-piece bathing suit and no one would know! It was awesome and he did a great job.”

Shanna, Breast Cancer Survivor

“It makes me want to cry because of what he and the other people at The Center did for me. After going two years without a breast it felt spectacular to have my womanliness back and to feel like I was whole again was amazing. It was wonderful to have Dr. Thomas take care of me because he is such a real person. It felt good to know that he wanted me to be comfortable from start to finish and he always made me feel at ease. Every time I met with him I felt like he was paying attention to every word I said and never rushed me. For someone like me going through that kind of emotional physical change, you just need that extra thoughtfulness and kindness that Dr. Thomas gives you. There should be more people in the world like Dr. Thomas, not just more doctors, but more people.”

Toni, Breast Cancer Survivor

“My husband is a physician and calls Dr. Thomas an RD—a real doctor. I think it’s because we have always felt like Dr. Thomas is so careful and gets the full picture before he makes any decisions or suggestions. Every time I’ve met with him I feel like he’s one of my warm dear sons who is just sitting down to have a talk with me. I think the bottom line is that he genuinely cares about his patients. And he’s so good at what he does! He was very careful and my incision blended right in—you wouldn’t even know that it was there.”

“The rest of the staff at the center is absolutely darling and I love every one of them! The attitude they have comes from the top and everyone is just so willing and able to help with whatever you need. We’re so lucky to have them all here.”

Margaret, Skin Cancer Survivor

“I feel very relaxed when I visit the center.  They have the absolute best facials I’ve ever had and always takes the extra step of giving me a good massage. She also recommended a product to me that I have been using ever since and it’s so affordable! People always comment on how great my skin looks and I’m really happy with my results every time. There is also a great staff at The Center. They are all very friendly and they talk with you and really listen to what you want and they love to hear your feedback.”

Peggy, Skin Care Patient

“I wanted my wrinkles gone but I didn’t want it to change my looks and that is exactly what I got. Now I like the way I look when I get up in the morning. I’m a very active person and I really take care of myself. Now I feel like I look as young as I feel—it has taken ten years off my looks! I have total confidence in Dr. Thomas and really trust him because he listens to what you want, gives you guidance and treats you so well. I feel very at home with him and it’s almost like talking to a really good friend because he makes you feel so at ease. I actually find everybody at The Center very comfortable to talk to. Karen is very personable and Sandy, Tina and Jan are always so helpful. Their aesthetician has been great in helping me with my makeup. I would recommend them to my closest friends.”

Cyndi, Face Lift and Botox Treatments